Aaron Morris

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey There!

I'm Aaron Morris. Welcome!

My Goals

I want to follow you and hear about what you think is interesting.

I want to organize information to learn more about myself.

I want to achieve optimum general performance as a developer and partner.

I want to start a family and be a great dad.

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Twitter is where I post frequent tagged links.

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I share information on social media and collect it here.

Are you a front end developer? Try checking out my js web tech links.

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Are you thoughtful about life and learning? Try home life science and math.

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My Tiny House

This is Mucha. My fiancรฉ Lily and I live here.

I work remotely for a tech company called Zapier.

Lily is a holistic nutritionist and online entrepreneur. She helps burning women in creative industries beat burnout and become resilient.

About Me

This is me! I'm 26 years old and I'm spending every day learning, growing, and taking action.

Most people choose to tackle single-minded goals. My single-minded goal is brain-care. My top brain care tip is to grow your left and right brain together.

My goal is to become an authority on how you can accelerate your brain's performance, so you can learn and recall faster, remember important moments and information, and solve problems better than you ever thought possible using meta-learning techniques and augmentation with technology.

I hope you'll follow me as I journey towards my goals. For now, you can come here to see all the links I think are interesting. I save them so I can look back on them, and I hope you'll enjoy what I'm building.