Aaron Morris

I'm a technotopian environmentalist.

What are you up to?

I'm moved into our tiny house. Getting some hand tools for woodworking, preparing to start a new job, and playing animal crossing.

Our tiny house, Mucha

How does this site work?

  1. I capture information at home or on the bus and share them to Notion
  2. I review things I enjoy and enter links and tags into text files
  3. C code parses them, loads them into an sqlite database, and writes out static HTML
  4. Zeit Now compiles my code, builds the site, and deploys to the internet when I git push.

Why did you do that?

The footprint of the internet on the earth is growing. We should use the simplest, lightest, and most long term tools that we control to tell our stories. The way you deliver a story is as important as the content, and part of my story is taking the path less travelled.

What is a web ring?

This site is part of a web ring Where people who build their own web sites advertise each other. Check out the other web sites people have built!

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