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Micro Worlds

I’m building out a vision for myself. What could I pursue over the next 5 or 10 years with the resources I have, to make money; have an impact; grow as a person.

The intersecting frontier of theory, practice, and education.

I’m not happy unless I’m learning, doing, and imagining new things.

Building dynamic micro worlds

Create simplified environments that make many assumptions and are highly dynamic. Offer these environments as a service.

Creating ML datasets

The right environments should offer rich data opportunities, and entrepreneurs should be able to buy data and train ML algorithms.

Knowledge moat

Create a culture of the most brilliant minds and personalities. The company’s moat is the theoretical knowledge cultivated at the company. Learning and exploration is the gem.

Employment for the next generation

As manual labor is replaced, find and offer consistent knowledge work with no prior experience.

Crossing the digital bridge

Knowledge work has a low level of integration with reality. Increase this integration through company spaces, experimental communities, and consumer products.

A dynamic era

Citizens of the future should be able to access and explore micro worlds to learn about reality, make discoveries, and prove theories that translate into public good and profit.