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Occupy the north! Grow communities in northern latitudes to be well provisioned, distributed, and ecologically responsible.

Deliver platforms for communities to be founded and managed alongside municipalities, that offers community supply chain logistics, communication tools, and remote employment opportunities.

Local Sectors

  1. Community supply chain
  2. Hunting, fishing
  3. Forestry, services
  4. Agriculture, tourism
  5. Education, culture
  6. Science, research
  7. Remote employment
  8. Ecology, sustainability, tourism


Canada positions itself as a global hub for information technology.

Remote work thrives in communities across the north.

Communities bootstrap themselves with renewable energy and access to internet, computers.

Both low complexity (high number of jobs) and high complexity (high income per person) jobs are offered through internet based remote employment, like data labelling, data science, design, and engineering.

This skilled remote labor brings income into the early residents of the community.

To grow the population, money earned needs to be invested into the community’s growth. Founders grow the community by buying the equivalent of bonds or shares in the community, funding the debt in exchange for a return on investment later on.


When the community is bootstrapped, its next goal is to grow. Residents are able to move in and provide services in local sectors, like construction, food, and education.

It is desired that community members invest in each other.


Land and utilities would be owned by the platform and leased to residents. Buildings may be pre-built or lots may be provided. Ideally, zoning would allow for tiny homes, and housing would be colocated, with small privately leased lots and large shared areas for community activities like agriculture, gardening, workshops, kitchens, etc…

The platform provides tools for community governance, vision planning, development, and guidance on growth. It takes on debt to bootstrap the community, investors fund the platform through shares and bonds, residents fund the platform through leases.


Energy is supplied through the municipal grid. The platform allows the community to invest in renewable projects like solar panels, and these can be placed on common land, creating credits (dividends) for shareholders in the investment proportional to the power generated.

Communities should strive to produce as much energy as they consume. Being on the grid, solar projects should not need batteries, and grouped by the whole community means that installation can be economically done, significantly reducing costs.