how to get started with web development

I’m collecting the best resources to help you build your first website and learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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How to learn HTML and CSS

Hack Club

Fast way to get your first web page online!


This tutorial gets you started using an online editor called repl.it so you can go straight to exploring HTML and easily get a web page online to share with others. It’s cute, too.


Learn html: progate.com/languages/html
Learn Javascript: progate.com/languages/es6

Progate has some detailed tutorials on HTML and Javascript. It can help you go beyond the basics with deeper lessons.



freeCodeCamp has many HTML resources:

  • Add headlines with the h2 element
  • Add paragraphs with the p element
  • Add images with the img element
  • Link to other pages with the anchor element
  • Creating lists with the ul and ol elements
  • Creating forms with the form element
  • Creating form inputs with the input element

☝️ See their resources above!

Jatin Rao

Beginners guide and dev blog


Jatin Rao has a beginners guide to HTML. It goes into detail about some HTML elements you can use. They also share resources like:

Jatin is building a community of devs. Check them out on Twitter!

Jatin uses HashNode to maintain a dev blog for free online. It looks great for anyone starting their own development blog!

Frontend Challenges

Build a portfolio and get a job!


If you’re learning HTML to land a job, this resource will challenge you to build real web pages and learn professional front end skills.

How to learn frontend development

If you are looking to be a professional front-end developer, you should know a frontend framework, how to buy a domain, and how to publish your work online. I use Vercel and highly recommend it.

Pick a framework:

Follow their Quickstart guide

Look for REPL to experiment on their websites, or look for a Quickstart to get started easily!

More resources:

Publish using Vercel

Vercel has solutions and examples that can deploy using your framework with just a few clicks.

Buy a domain

Vercel makes it easy to find and buy domains, and then use them in your deployments.

vercel.com/domains | How to add a domain


If you came here looking for resources, I hope you found what you’re looking for! If you want more updates and resources on becoming a successful frontend or full-stack developer, follow me on Twitter and share this with others!