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Written 9/6/2020
(Scratch notes for this video) Brine ponds Extracting salt from ground water Comes with Magnesium, pot ash, …. Hard rock mining ... [read more]

Retiring in Canada

Written 9/5/2020
, I expect to have: My Canada pension plan contributions (up to $9000 Age 60+) My old age security ($1... [read more]


Written 8/20/2020
Become a explorer. Email solderpunk@posteo.net an SSH public key and a username to enlist. Explore with openssl echo "... [read more]

What I learned saving links

Written 8/15/2020
I've saved and categorized almost 400 links I found interesting over the last year or so to see what patterns would ... [read more]

Plan 9

Written 8/7/2020
Absolute beginner notes on plan9. Index These tags appear in the document. Find occurrences of them to navigate. |installing| |usin... [read more]

Software Imagination

Written 7/26/2020
A system for thought A well-designed system is not simply a bag of features. A good system is designed to encourage ... [read more]

how to get started with web development

Written 7/23/2020
I’m collecting the best resources to help you build your first website and learn HTML, CSS, and Javasc... [read more]

Js Sort

Written 7/21/2020
How to sort a list of objects in Javascript. I often do it wrong! When you have a list in Javascript, you can call list.sort(…) with ... [read more]

What is SWR?

Written 6/23/2020
🚀 SWR stands for stale-while-revalidate — A pattern you can use that keeps data fresh while also keeping the experience fast. ... [read more]