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Written 10/25/2020
Welcome to my notes. This is the index. Notes on AB Testing — By studying statistical experiments, I find myself making more robust judge... [read more]


Written 12/30/2020
Micro Worlds I’m building out a vision for myself. What could I pursue over the next 5 or 10 years with the resources I have, to make mo... [read more]

What is SWR?

Written 6/23/2020
🚀 SWR stands for stale-while-revalidate — A pattern you can use that keeps data fresh while also keeping the experience fast. ... [read more]

Js Sort

Written 7/21/2020
How to sort a list of objects in Javascript. I often do it wrong! When you have a list in Javascript, you can call list.sort(…) with ... [read more]

Startup Pool

Written 1/1/2021
Startup ideas. Interested? Connect with me. I’m an engineer in need of a business partner. The Finance Market **Build and fina... [read more]

Space Links

Written 12/22/2020
Beautiful albums by Julie Schmidt on Flickr Working with FITS images Online Telescope ESA Sky (online telescope) Deep Star Maps... [read more]

AB Testing

Written 12/15/2020
https://hbr.org/2017/06/a-refresher-on-ab-testing https://blog.minitab.com/blog/alphas-p-values-confidence-intervals-oh-my Deci... [read more]

Buying a used tiny home

Written 12/30/2020
If you’re going to buy a used tiny home, be prepared for these costs! Lot prep (Moving to a lot that isn’t prepared?)... [read more]

Trading Options

Written 1/6/2021
Haven’t done this. How’s it work? My scratch notes. Call Calls are a bullish contract. Ex. Call 1 AMD at $48 (strike price... [read more]