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Written 10/25/2020
This is a digital library. A top level “thread of threads”. Start here! Ephemeral thoughts will live here too. If they stick, they’ll bec... [read more]


Written 11/9/2020
Chance aggregate tensor semantics — A made-up dewey decimal alternative with no total order, and no hierarchy. Just a set of scalar dimensi... [read more]

Model Community

Written 11/11/2020
+partipating get added to event page bio, photo Occupy the north! Grow communities in northern latitudes to be well prov... [read more]

Economic Exports

Written 11/11/2020
Canada’s Economic overview (Circa 2018) An interpretation of https://oec.world/en/profile/country/can Canadian Exports oec.w... [read more]

Js Sort

Written 7/21/2020
How to sort a list of objects in Javascript. I often do it wrong! When you have a list in Javascript, you can call list.sort(…) with ... [read more]

What is SWR?

Written 6/23/2020
🚀 SWR stands for stale-while-revalidate — A pattern you can use that keeps data fresh while also keeping the experience fast. ... [read more]