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Open Structures      Design system measurements PDF                science tech
Mapeo                Open source mapping tools - DIY maps          tech 
Executives?          What does an executive do anyway?             business
Bullet Charts        Effective visualization that's easy to build  tech 
The Ebbing Language  Poetic reflection on language                 poetry
Code Search Dataset  Where to download the corpus                  tech 
Code Search Prep     How the code search data was prepared         tech 
Code Search Net      Github challenge and dataset for code search  tech 
Django               Django is cool. I learned a bit this month    web tech
Project Management   Project management software on 2d canvas      tech 
Silicon Fabric       Connect chiplets through silicon fabric       science tech
IOS 13 Review        Macstories releases a detailed OS Review      tech 
Grid Garden          Play a game to learn css grid                 web tech
Image Net, Racism    0.5m removed items after racial bias exposed  ethics tech
Stack App            Share and save books, from Show HN            web tech
Tmux Tutorial        Intro to tmux                                 tech 
Nim 1.0              Version 1.0 of the nim language               tech 
Self coding webpage  Watch a web site write itself. Cool idea.     web tech
Gooey                Automatic front ends for CLI tools            tech 
Load Balancing       An intro to load balancing and proxies        web tech
Reactive programming Reactive Programming from Scratch             tech 
Solar Sailboats      Shipping with autonomous sail boats           solarpunk tech
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