Aaron Morris






title            summary                                      url                                                                          
bootOS           An operating system in 512 bytes   
Algebra          Rings, groups, monads, oh my!      
Kite Surfing     YouTube video of kite surfing      
Host yo self     Share web stuff in the browser from anything
The Daily        Public radio podcast, looks interesting
Framer Motion    Open source react motion library   
Honu             Extensible extension of lisp syntax (2012)
Liftbridge       Lightweight, fault tolerant message streams
Hundred Rabbits  Digital Nomads making software on a boat
Tool Building    Devine - Frameworks for Mystics (2014)
XXIIVV Wiki      Devine's life knowledge            
XXIIVV Webring   Index of friends and repository of info
Ronin            An experimental graphics terminal  
A web quine      HTML page that can edit and publish itself
Mandelbrot       Javascript mandelbrot explorer     
Wingfoiling      Windsurf on a paddleboard          
Flow GUI Pins    Pinterest page on node based guis           Upcoming node editor using nodejs  
Dark Lang        Deploy code to production in 50ms  
Neuralink        Neuralink did a live stream this month
Soma Pipe        A digital instrument using body sounds
Local Guru       Awesome animated imagery in lisp using Ronin