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HAV                  Unix tool for getting HTML data               web tech
Power Keyboard       OSX rule based keyboard automation            tech 
Imba Language        Very fun and concise syntax for web apps      web tech
Lisp Manual          The Lisp Programmers Manual 1.5               lisp books
Make a Lisp          Lisp implementation and docs in 77 languages  lisp tech
Write a Text Editor  Build your own Text Editor in C               tech 
Norns Tutorial 23241 Crash-course tutorial to get started          audio tech
Hundred Rabbits      New: 40 minutes of ambient music              audio
Magnetic Nozzle      Orca composition using renoise                audio video
Seaboard Keyboard    Midi polyphonic expression keyboard           audio tech
Ameyama Link Dump    Link Dump 6                                   links
Eve - Visual History Rethinking literate programming               language tech
Flix                 Opinionated functional programming language   language tech
Maria Web            Lisp dialect with great documentation         lisp tech
Diablo Web           Play Diablo I in your browser                 game tech
Gerbil Scheme        Opinionated Lisp dialect built on Gambit      lisp tech
Awk Basics           Nice little awk article                       awk tech
Zeit Now             Now with zero configuration deployments       tech 
Dart Language        Highly cross platform and native language     dart tech
How to water start   Windsurfing tutorial. Short and clear.        sport video
Linux Git Video      Gource video of linux kernel development      video
Sci-Fi Interfaces    Collected designs for visual inspiration      scifi tech
LCD Pixel Effect     Cool LCD pixel effect made with Blender       video
C-Mera               Next level syntax for C like languages        tech 
Lisp Algorithms      Programming algorithms and data structures    lisp tech
JS Data Structures   Data structures and algorithms walkthrough    web tech
Compositing Guide    A guide to alpha compositing                  color math
Algebraic Effects    They're like exceptions on steroids but not   tech math
MDN: Selection       Javascript input selection API                web tech
Lib Five             Lisp for parametric and procedural design     lisp tech
Bivectors            Geometric algebra                             tech math
Layers of Being      Short visualization of layered human models   life links
Daybreaker           Wake up and dance with your community         community life
Radha Agrawal        Community Architect, social entrepreneur      community life
What's the big idea? Podcasts about people with big ideas.         life podcast
John Gottman         Predicting marital success, sex perspectives  life podcast
Tracy Gapin          Epigenetics, testosterone, precision medicine men life coach
Stefanos Sifandos    Life coach focused on masculinity and love    men life coach
Dad is Cool          Book recommended to me about fatherhood       men life books
Makepad              Simple productivity app for indie devs        tech links
X-Tag                Pluggable and light web components library    web tech
Money blocks         Podcast with Amber Dugger                     money podcast
Revenue Goals        Tools for defining how much income you need   money tech
5 Signs of Burnout   Sleep in, need coffee, slipping productivity? podcast
Teensy 4.0           Tiny 600 MHz micro controller                 hardware
ErgoWrap             Crazy, cool, DIY keyboard with lots of stuff  hardware
Node mini server     DIY mini home server for decentralized web    hardware
CMMI                 Capability Maturity Model Integration         management
Sans Forgetica       A font aimed at improving memory of notes     tech 
Joe Armstrong        Making reliable distributed systems - Erlang  tech books
Meta Object Protocol A new approach to programming language design tech books
Control Structures   ...For programming languages, old PDF         tech books
APL                  A programming language                        tech books
The Artificial       Sciences of the Artificial, Third Edition     tech books
Mythical Man Month   Essays on Software Engineering                tech books
Computation          Finite and Infinite Machines                  tech books
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